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What We Are About
Welcome to the house of The Templar Wizards!

We are a group of friends who hold our own league of Magic: The Gathering tournaments. Building decks from an infinite source of cards we clash in head to head, team based, and other assorted battle types.
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Current Trophy Holders
Whelp Trophy
Dragon Fodder
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Dragon Trophy
Druid Queen
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THD Trophy
Dragons of Might and Mind
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FNM Trophy
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How We Differ

* We roll at the start of each match to determine who goes first
  -Unless the match is for a trophy challenge and current trophy holder is present during the match, the current trophy holder may choose who goes first
* The player with the highest roll may choose to look at his/her hand before choosing to draw first or go first
* Your first mulligan in any match is a free mulligan, so draw 7 cards
* There are no illegal card restrictions to a wizard’s deck, any card may be used
(with the exception of unglued and unhinged)
* 60 card deck - minimum